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This is the story of the NMR-SHARC format/archive

Once upon a time there was a Ph.D. student who was annoyed by searching for NMR-data-fishes in the sea of output lines....

Therefore writing of skripts for extracting ab inito NMR data from outputs of various programs began.


1994, Sep. The first skript (CSH), SHIGO, to retrieve SHIGO format data from an ordered collection.


1995, Mar. The concept of SHared ARChiving was set up and tested.

21th May 1995: first NMR-SHARC MIME specification

1995, Aug. Additional modules enable the CACTVS browser (with a POSTGRESS based archive) to archive NMR-SHARC format data


1996, Feb. Transforming magnetic shielding to chemical shifts requires shieldings of NMR reference data. A set of 42 ab inito NMR reference values for TMS, CFCl3, and PH3 was presented online.


1997, Jan. The mini browser (PERL,CGI) skript enabled online retrieval (via INTERNET) of public NMR-SHARC data.

1997, Apr. The SHARCID is introduced and replaces the inflexible SHARCNR.


25th Jan 1998: current version 2.0 of NMR-SHARC MIME

1998, May The central computer of the CCC, on which NMR-SHARC was operating, was replaced (convex c220 by as1200) - and many things had to be adjusted, rewritten, etc.

1998-06-01 Basic service again available

1998-07-01 Supplementary Material service available

1998-09-30 First public MacSHARCivar Version (0.4.1).


Development of notation for archiving VMF data (zero-point vibration corrections by VibrationModeFollowing) in NMR-SHARC MIME framework


Publication of the VibrationModeFollowing applied for modeling Isotope effects on nuclear magnetic shieldings


SHARCivar 0.7 (2007-01-09 = alpha) supporting export in SDF format in two modifications: I. general visualiser, II. SciDex(®) visualisation and evaluation tool on WinDows


SHARCivar 0.7.5 (2012-08-06, X5Def) support of plugging XML-wrapped SDF into NMR-SHARC format entries (incl. enable selectable, multiple display forms of molecular geometry of one entry). NMR-SHARC LOGO LINE ------------------- Back to the NMR-SHARC homepage
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